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Why Its A Good Idea To Buy A Used Car

With most people still recovering from the recent global recession that affected many economies across the world, car dealers and manufacturers have shifted their interest into more innovative car selling schemes. In a bid to attract more customers and remain relevant in the field, they have increased the number of used trucks and cars for sale in their business. This is because people have learnt to be more frugal and only buying products that have long-term benefits in their lives.

The beauty about investing in used trucks is that, some of them are only few months old and bear the same features as those brand new ones in the showrooms. Think about getting more value for your money! Why would anyone overlook buying used cars a half of its original price, and it’s only six months old? The sale of used cars for sale has proved to be offering an extra saving power to most car owners.

With the advent of the internet, accessing information about these used cars on sale is now easier and faster than ever. All you need to is to key in the words “used cars for sale” on some of the leading search engines like a Google and hundreds of classified ads will pop up. To avoid online scammers, however, you should take your time to do a deeper background research about your online dealers or websites of choice and their corresponding classifieds before discussing any deal about their used trucks for sale.

In practice … Read the rest

Storing and Insuring Antique Classic Cars

You may not believe it but one of my passions is actually antique motor cars! Now, most articles on antique classic cars deal with car history and pedigree and how wonderful it can be own them. You often even get to read about how to find mechanics and spares for these cars. There’s one part to the antique car ownership experience that is often neglected though – storage and insurance.

There was something in the news recently about how these days, all films in the national archives are stored on hard disks. The only problem with this is that hard disks need to be spun up every once in a while. Leave them there like you would a book in a library, and a year or so later, they freeze and become completely unusable. You’ve seen those television shows about some lucky rich guy in Malibu or somewhere else who has a garage full of Rovers and E-Type Jags. The way they look, it’s they’re always standing there. The thing is though, that storing antique classic cars is all about keeping them moving often. An old car that just stands there for even a month can be far worse off for the experience.

The upholstery begins to fall apart with that kind of disuse. The tires begin to crack, the engine and transmission begin to seize, the batteries die, the fuel lines choke up, and so on. First-time classic car owners often just put their cars under a big … Read the rest

What Do We Mean By A Model of Car?

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A car  model is a particular brand of vehicle sold under a marque by a manufacturer, usually within a range of models, usually of different sizes or capabilities.

From an engineering point of view, a particular car model is usually defined and/or constrained by the use of a particular car chassis/bodywork combination or the same monocoque, although sometimes this is not the case, and the model represents a marketing segment.

A model may also be referred to as a nameplate, specifically when referring to the product from the point of view of the manufacturer,especially a model over time.

For example, the Chevrolet Suburban is the oldest automobile nameplate in continuous production, dating to 1934, while the Chrysler New Yorker was the oldest North American car nameplate.

“Nameplate” is also sometimes used more loosely, however,to refer to a brand or division of larger company, rather than a specific model.

This engineering frame may have derivatives, giving rise to more than one body style for a particular car model.

For example, the same model can be offered as a four-door sedan,a two-door coupé, a station wagon, or even as a folding-roof convertible, all derived from essentially the same engineering frame.

An example of this is the BMW 3-series – just like the diecast model cars sold by Silent Autos for example.

Fully specifying an automobile can involve many levels of detail, most basically:

Manufacturer Model Model year and often further:

Body style Trim level

Individual options Traditionally in North America, especially in … Read the rest