A Diamond in the digital rough – Heritage and Tradition, while looking good at the same time!

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While sailing on my binary boat around the great wide waters of the web, I found myself on a remarkable little site that I found so interesting, that it’s driven me to write a blog post about it!

I was searching for formal shirts for my husband (it’s his 47th birthday next week and I wanted to get him something special) and I found myself on the website of Gibbs Menswear.

This remarkable shop sits in a little sleepy town in the north-east of Scotland called Inverurie. It sounds like a lovely little place, but sadly I have never had the pleasure of being (although Scotland is on my list of holiday destinations!)

What is really remarkable about this site, is the fantastic range of outfits and shirts available to purchase online. Apart from fantastic prices on a lot of really great items, what really struck me about this company is that they seem to really care about the history, heritage, and tradition of the clothes they sell.

The site itself has a treasure trove of information for those that are willing to do a little digging. For those that are interested you can learn about all the different types of tartan they stock in their kilts, and wools they use in their knitwear.

I had the singular pleasure of speaking with the store’s owner, Barry, when I phoned the number on the site to find out more information.

Not only was Barry a total gentleman, but he was more than happy to listen to me as I told him about what my husband likes and dislikes when it comes to clothes. Then after I spoke for probably slightly too long (you know how I love to chat!) Barry was good enough to recommend a variety of different outfits that he felt would compliment my husband’s nature style (or lack thereof!)

Even after that, Barry spent even more of his time telling me all about the history of his company, it was absolutely fascinating and I have to say I was totally gripped as the past unfurled around me like a roll of cloth being released.

Loving what you wear is one thing, but when you can feel yourself connected to the past, through your clothes, then that is something else altogether!

Despite living stateside, Gibbs were more than happy to ship the clothes I had bought my husband internationally, and they arrived in good time.

I couldn’t believe his face when he unwrapped them, he had a look of absolute delight as he tried on his fantastic Eterna shirt, which made him look great!

The real treat though was the tweed suit I had bought for him, using Harris Tweed and a variety of local techniques, Barry and his team had crafted a bespoke outfit for him! I have to say I was a little nervous having ordered something online, but Gibbs absolutely knocked it out of the park, every aspect of the suit was exactly as Barry had described it over the phone, needless to say my husband was absolutely delighted!

I don’t know if there is a particular point to this blog post, other than my desire to express my admiration for a little store I found online in the heart of rural Scotland. What started as a fun little jaunt on the internet, turned into me following the thread of time, through the eye of the needle of my past, and ended up with both me and my now very dapper looking husband having a deeper appreciation of the history and culture that we came from.

Check them out for yourself!

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